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Product Review - JW Speaker J2 headlights

I recently purchased a set of JW Speaker J2 headlights for the Jeep. The full installation how-to can be found here. This article will show you just how much of an improvement they are over the stock halogen lights.

How To - Install JW Speaker Headlights

Stock halogen headlights on a JK are known to be terrible. My wife and I sometimes turn them off while driving just to be reminded that they make almost no difference. They're bad. Really bad. So, when a set of the JW Speaker J2 headlights in Carbon Fiber went on a killer sale, we snatched up a pair.

Now, installing them is really easy. That's part of their beauty. But, here is a foolproof walkthru on how to give your Jeep some eyes so it can see.

How To - Carrichs iPad Mount, powered and cooled

Awhile back, I purchased the iPad mini mount from Carrich's. It looked promising, my 430N has just crapped out in terms of navigation, and my sister-in-law was willing to sell me her unused iPad mini for $50. The stars aligned. Nonetheless, I was looking to make some improvements to the mount.

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