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How To - Install JW Speaker Headlights

Stock halogen headlights on a JK are known to be terrible. My wife and I sometimes turn them off while driving just to be reminded that they make almost no difference. They're bad. Really bad. So, when a set of the JW Speaker J2 headlights in Carbon Fiber went on a killer sale, we snatched up a pair.

Now, installing them is really easy. That's part of their beauty. But, here is a foolproof walkthru on how to give your Jeep some eyes so it can see.

How To - Carrichs iPad Mount, powered and cooled

Awhile back, I purchased the iPad mini mount from Carrich's. It looked promising, my 430N has just crapped out in terms of navigation, and my sister-in-law was willing to sell me her unused iPad mini for $50. The stars aligned. Nonetheless, I was looking to make some improvements to the mount.

How To - Splice synthetic winch rope

After upgrading my front bumper to the new LoD Destroyer series, I also wanted to swap out the factory Warn winch hook for something from Factor 55. Factor 55 is a company out of Idaho that makes some great products, mostly centered around what they call "Closed Sytem Winching".

How To - ARB Compressor Wiring

Last week, we created our own under seat mount for an ARB Dual Compressor. This week, we're going to wire it up. The ARB installation instructions are pretty good, but not specific to a Jeep. I'll be showing you exactly which each wire goes, no Painless or SwitchPros system needed.

How To - ARB Compressor Under Seat Mount

If you're adding on board air to your rig in the form of an ARB Dual Compressor, the first question you'll need to answer is where to mount it. I chose to mount mine under the seat, primarily for heat reason. Climbing the mountain passes of Colorado and at elevation makes the engine bay get pretty warm and I wanted to keep the compressor as cool as possible. If that's the route you go as well, the next question is how to mount it. Both Teraflex and Carolina Metal Masters make mounts for under the passenger seat, but they both run around $90. Here is a DIY solution at less than half that cost.

How To - 3rd Brake Light Relocation

If you plan on running larger tires, or just want better rear visibility, here is a cheap effective way to move the 3rd brake light down. Still completely usable, but it'll look better, won't interfere with larger tires, and increase rear visibility.

How To - Stubby Antenna

The stock antenna on a JK is long, silver, hits the ceiling in parking garages, and whacks the windshield when going down the trail. Companies like AntennaX have made tons of money selling a stouter, shorter antenna. Even with one like that though, the reviews are mixed with some people claiming the reception sucks. With a little science, I think we can do our own version without sacrificing reception.

How To - Beer Bottle Opener

There used to be a product you could buy online to put a bottle opener where the license plate wiring feeds out of the corner of a JK tub. It's no longer available so I decided to make my own.

How To - Handgun holster

To really kick it up in terms of Zombie Apocolypse vehicle, I decided to add a Kydex holster to the Jeep. It mounts near my right leg, is very accessible yet out of the way, and ensures that my 9mm is always within reach and ready for action. All jokes aside, did anyone else see the video of the Jeep getting vandalized while the dude tries to drive thru crowds of people protesting after Trump won the election? I would've felt a little safer with my gun at my side if I were him.

How To - Front seat gear panel

Here is a DIY way to get some more storage in your cockpit for small things like a flashlight or powerstick. It keeps the important things (power, light) well within reach and uses some overlooked real estate.

How To - Packable Campfire Grill

Found this from the folks at BuzzFeed and thought I'd give it a go. Here is my slightly modified version, including adding an attachment mechanism to Jeep.

How To - Quick Detach for License Plate Light

I recently installed a new LoD Destroyer Series rear bumper and tire carrier. It's awesome. When I installed it, I also relocated my license plate from the stock location to the center of the rear tire carrier using the JKS Spare Tire Mount License Plate Bracket. If you have a tire carrier like mine that can swing away from the tailgate, the kit calls for putting in a few extra feet of wire. I didn't like that solution though, so I came up with a DIY way to put in a quick disconnect from parts lying around the garage.

How To - Hammock Hanging System

Saw this on and had to try it for myself. It's an effective, inexpensive way to give yourself two more anchor points, perfect for hanging hammocks off the rear of the Jeep.

How To - Emergency Escape Pull Cord for Rear Cargo Area

Elk hunting this past year was pretty memorable. I'll post up an Offroad Adventure on that some other time, but suffice to say that my dog and I ended up sleeping in the back of the Jeep for a night. It was there, at basecamp at 9,000' in the cold, dark winter of Colorado that I realized I needed a way for me and the pup to easily enter and exit the Jeep once the seats are down. Ergo, the emergency escape pull cord for rear cargo area.

How To - Seat Mounted Flashlight and Powerstick

If there are two things that you can't have enough of it's light and power. In this case, a flashlight and a powerstick, capable of charging a cell phone. I've mounted these two in a couple different places, but this is where they first went and it's a solid option to this day.

How To - Leatherman Tailgate Mount

I'm a big fan of always having a multi-tool with me, be it a Leatherman or otherwise. If you have one lying around, here is a 2 minute, DIY mod that'll cost you about 5 cents, not take up any (usable) room in the Jeep, and keep the Leatherman with you on every adventure.

Bringing Home the Jeep

This is my build when I first brought it home. Purchased from a dealership with around 25k miles. A 2014 JKUR with auto transmission. Only thing it didn't have that I wanted were 4.10 gears (came with 3.73).

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