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Kate's First Offroad Experience

I've been wanting to get Kate out on the trail for some real offroading. More than just dirt roads, I wanted her to experience obstacles, river crossings, and camping above tree line. We found some time to get away for kids for 36 hours and I took her on a few trails I had done previously that were sure to deliver. Here are some pics of the adventure.

Ol Man Bryan's 30th Birthday Offroad Extravaganza - Day 3

Day three continued the stretch of perfect weather. The basin lit up as the sunlight danced off the various flora, turning far off peaks unusual colors. Today we would descend Halfmoon Creek, drive to Buena Vista, then cross the Continental Divide via Cottonwood Pass, before ascending once more to the Taylor Lake where we would spend the night.

Ol Man Bryan's 30th Birthday Offroad Extravaganza - Day 2

Day two began by waking up to the fog rolling off the lake as the sun rose across the Rocky Mountains. It was other-worldly as it slowly receeded, revealing the glass surface below. We longed to linger but had miles ahead and mountains to cross.

Ol Man Bryan's 30th Birthday Offroad Extravaganza - Day 1

A good friend of mine turned 30 and I wanted to get him something special. He had never done much offroading and his wife agreed he'd love a few days in the Jeep hitting the trails here in Colorado. I spent the next 8 months planning and it went off without a hitch. I'll take you thru our journey over the next couple posts.

Nearly stuck on Yankee Hill

Well tonight was interesting. Went for a run after work up Yankee Hill. At first it was beautiful, then it was rocky and fun, then it was snowy and questionable, then I got stuck.

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