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How To - Seat Mounted Flashlight and Powerstick

Two necessities at your fingertips

If there are two things that you can't have enough of it's light and power. In this case, a flashlight and a powerstick, capable of charging a cell phone. I've mounted these two in a couple different places, but this is where they first went and it's a solid option to this day. Also, I've seen some guys do this with a big maglight. In my opinion with the current state of LEDs, that's just extra weight and maybe a deadly projectile if it flew off going down the road. Better to go with a small but super bright LED flashlight like I link to below.

Materials & Supplies

  • A small flashlight - I highly recommend this one
  • A portable charger battery bank - I recommend this one
  • Four pipe straps like these (available at Lowe's) - get whatever size (1/2", 3/4", etc) that are just a little bigger than your flashlight/powerstick
  • Four pipe straps like these (available at Lowe's)
  • Some #8 or similar bolts, washers, lock washers, and nuts that'll fit through the holes in your pipe straps and your seat base


Step 1: remove the rubber off the pipe straps (discard metal part)

Step 2: bend the other pipe straps straight

Step 3: feed the rubber onto this pipe strap

Step 4: shape pipe strap as necessary to get a good fit on the flashlight/powerstick

Step 5: attach pipe strap to base of seat using the existing holes in the seat base. Should go bolt, washer, pipe strap, seat base, washer, lock washer, nut

Step 6: repeat so there are two pipe straps on each side, driver and passenger

Step 7: put flashlight into driver side pipe straps and powerstick into passenger side

Step 9: check fit. You should be able to go bouncing down the trail without either of these budging

Final Product

Powerstick on passenger side

ProTip:If you feel they're too noticeable, you can spray paint the white portions of the powersticks, as I have done

Scott's Review Down the Road

I really like adding a flashlight and power stick to the Jeep, no matter where it goes. I eventually ended up moving both from this position because I wanted to mount a fire extinguisher along the side of my seat (not recommended). The only downside to this position is that the flashlight and powerstick are kind of obvious when the doors are off. It'd be easy for someone walking by to grab it and keep going. Never happened to me though. And as far as them falling out of the pipe strap holders...never happened to me either. That rubber is pretty grippy, so if the fit is tight enough, you need not be concerned.

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