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How To - Emergency Escape Pull Cord for Rear Cargo Area

For when you're sleeping in the back of the Jeep and have to go pee at 3am

Elk hunting this past year was pretty memorable. I'll post up an Offroad Adventure on that some other time, but suffice to say that my dog and I ended up sleeping in the back of the Jeep for a night. It was there, at basecamp at 9,000' in the cold, dark winter of Colorado that I realized I needed a way for me and the pup to easily enter and exit the Jeep once the seats are down. Ergo, the emergency escape pull cord for rear cargo area.

Materials & Supplies

  • Some rope, bonus points if you get the glow-in-the-dark kind from Lowes. Pull cord and handle made for lawnmower would also work.
  • A lighter


Step 1: pop off the plastic trim on the tailgate

Step 2: look inside and identify the hook that moves when the tailgate latch is released

Step 3: make a loop in the rope

Use the lighter to melt the end and burn it back onto itself

Step 4: put the rope loop over the hook

Step 5: feed the rope out through the hole opposite the hook

Pop off the rubber grommet first

Step 6: drill hole in grommet, just large enough for rope

Step 7: feed rope through grommet and push grommet back on tailgate

Step 9: cut a 2' section of rope

Step 10: double up the rope and place it at the top of the rope that exits the tailgate

Step 11: braid the three pieces together, keeping it loose for the first couple wraps

Step 12: braid the end back onto itself, through the loosely braided first portion

Step 13: trim any excess

Step 14: burn the ends together

Step 15: put plastic cover back on tailgate

Final Product

View from the inside

Video of it in action

Scott's Review Down the Road

Still loving this. It's never in my way, always there when I want it. Makes camping in the back of the Jeep much more enjoyable. Haven't actually needed it in an emergency yet, but it is nice to know that I could get out the rear of the Jeep if something were to happen.

Bonus stuff

For those of you doubting if it can be done...yes, you can sleep in the back of the Jeep. Even at 6' 3" I was able to stretch out the whole way. ProTip: use ENO hammocks to stuff in the crack and form a solid surface to sleep on.

Pics of it out In The Wild

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