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How To - Hammock Hanging System

Jeep + Hammocks = Perfection

Saw this on and had to try it for myself. It's an effective, inexpensive way to give yourself two more anchor points, perfect for hanging hammocks off the rear of the Jeep.

NOTE: if you run a sunshade that wraps over the rear cross member like this:
you'll need to make sure you're prepared to alter it so the climbing hangers can stick out. This is another reason I'm a big fan of the Dirty Dog 4x4 shade I run on my Jeep.

Materials & Supplies

  • Climbing bolt hanger, qty: 2 - mine have a rating of 30 kN (i.e. it's not going to break) and cost $3.50/each from local climbing shop. Or you can get some off Amazon here
  • M8-1.25x30mm cap screw (aka bolt), qty: 2 - mine are grade 5 steel, didn't have grade 8 SS in metric and probably not necessary, cost $0.25 each, length not super critical, just get something around 30mm. Get the kind with the grooves on the backside
  • Lighter
  • Nail, size does not matter
  • Pliers, needlenose or regular


Step 1: Unip the cover on the rear crossbar of the roll cage. Zipper runs left to right.

Step 2: locate the nuts

Once you have it peeled back, you should see two nuts, one on each side left and right, which are welded inside the cage. Check your bolts fit them properly.

Step 3: zip the cover back up

Feel for the nuts thru the cover; make sure you can easily identify them

Step 3: heat up the nail

Use the lighter to heat up the nail, only takes about 15-20 seconds to get it hot enough

Step 4: melt a hole thru the cover, into the nut

Push the hot nail through the fabric. Move it around a bit. It will melt the fabric, preventing it from tearing. Repeat a few more times, widening the hole in the fabric each time until it's the size of the hole in the nut.

Step 5: bolt on the climbing hangers

Step 6: repeat with the other side

Final Product

Video of it in action

Scott's Review Down the Road

These are great. Never in the way and awesome to have anchor points for anything, hammocks or otherwise. I used them on a trip around Colorado and they didn't budge for me or my buddy, both of us around 200lbs, sleeping in them 7+ hours a night.

Pics of it out In The Wild

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