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How To - Beer Bottle Opener

Never thirst again

There used to be a product you could buy online to put a bottle opener where the license plate wiring feeds out of the corner of a JK tub. It's no longer available so I decided to make my own.

Here is the product that used to be out there.

Materials & Supplies

  • Some flat sheet metal - I got mine from Ace Hardward but any hardware store will have some. Ace just had small pieces which is nice since you don't need a lot.
  • Optional: A license plate delete kit, metal not rubber. I had the JKS one on hand so just used that to save myself making one. Could easily make one though using the same sheet metal
  • Drill and bits
  • Dremel tool
  • Sharpie
  • Vice and clamps
  • Beer (for testing purposes of course)


Step 1: make your license plate delete plate if necessary

I got the JKS one for free from a friend, so I didn't need to do this part. Nonetheless, it'd be straightforward to do. Just cut the metal to the right shape, give it a bit of a curvature to match the Jeep, and drill two holes

Step 2: draw outline of bottle opener

Use your delete plate for the outline

Step 3: draw bottle opener shape

You can use whatever shape hole you want. See the first image in this post for one idea or some of the final pics at the bottom for what mine looked like

Step 4: cut it

Put it in the vice and start making cuts

Step 5: line up the outline

Clamp the two pieces together to do the corners and have a nice matching contour

Step 6: bend it

Use your piece from step 1 and bend your new piece to same curvature

Step 7: bend bottle opener out

It needs sufficient clearance to get the bottle in there, so bend it outward. See pics in Step 10 for what mine ended up looking like.

Step 8: drill holes

Again, use the other piece to line it up. Clamp together and drill through the new piece.

Step 9: test it

My original design had the bottle like this. No good! I opened it up and it sprayed all over me and the Jeep. I also had already spray painted at this point. That should be the last step.

Step 10: make any necessary changes

I ended up bending mine out more like this and changed the shape of the hole

Step 11: spray paint it

As usual, I used a can of Rustoleum truck bed liner

Step 12: screw it on the Jeep

Use the two screws and attach it to the Jeep

Final Product

Video of it in action

Scott's Review Down the Road

Great little project that adds some fun factor. Since I first published this on one of the forums, JCR has since started making them. I say build your own. It's cheap, custom, and a lot of fun.

Pics of it out In The Wild

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