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How To - ARB Compressor Wiring

Part II in the series on installing an ARB Compressor under the passenger seat

Last week, we created our own under seat mount for an ARB Dual Compressor. This week, we're going to wire it up. The ARB installation instructions are pretty good, but not specific to a Jeep. I'll be showing you exactly which each wire goes, no Painless or SwitchPros system needed.

Materials & Supplies

  • 3' of jumper wire, anything 14-20 gauge is fine
  • Wire strippers,cutters, and crimpers
  • Assorted wire terminals
  • Black tubing for wiring
  • Solder gun
  • Heat shrink and lighter/heat gun or just some electrical tape
  • Socket wrench and 18 mm socket

NOTE: I created a video for this one showing where everything goes. It's more or less explains everything and if you're already comfortable with electrical stuff, you can probably just watch that. It's at the bottom of the article. I'll reference it throughout.


Step 1: attach electrical terminals to two large red wires

You'll need something that can go around one of the bolts on your terminal block of the batter and can accept that large gauge wire

Step 2: attach electrical terminals to negative wires

Both the large black wire with white stripe and the small black wire will need terminal connectors too

Step 3: attach large red wires to battery

Take the two positive wires first and connect them somewhere on the battery. You'll want to figure out your routing for the wire bundle first. Getting it in place probably involves unhooking the positive terminal of the battery so you can run the wire bundle beneath the existing wires

Step 4: attach negative ends to battery

Both the small black wire and the large black wire with white stripe can now be connected to some terminal of the negative side of the battery

Step 5: run the other end of the large wire bundle

You shouldn't need to move the battery tray or batter. It's small enough to just slide down the corner and pop out below. Watch the video at 0:26 Here is what it looks like with the battery removed (you shouldn't need to remove your battery)

Step 6: run the large wire bundle along the frame

The video shows this really well, but zip tie it to the existing wires going that direction. Leave the slightest bit of slack since the body can flex a bit from the frame.

Step 8: remove the drain plug

Directly beneath the passenger seat is a drain plug. Pull back the carpet to reveal it, then pop it out.

Step 9: cut the plug

Cut a small hole with a slit in the plug to allow for the wire bundle to come up thru it.

Step 9: cut the carpet

Make a 1.5" incision in the carpet to allow the large wire bundle to pop up thru. Watch video at 1:10 mark.

Step 10: push wire bundle thru

With one hand beneath the Jeep guiding the wire bundle and the other hand on top where it'll pop out, guide the wire bundle up thru the drain hole and thru the carpet

Step 11: replace the drain plug

Put it back in the place, with the wire bundle now coming up thru it. Optional: add some epoxy to help water proof it again

Step 12: remove the dash

Use a knife or like instrument to pop the lower dash panels out. Just held in with some clips.

Step 13: run jumper wire off cig lighter

Strip off 1/2" of the insulation on the blue wire going to the cigarette lighter. Solder your 3' jumper wire onto it, then wrap in electrical tape

Step 14: run the jumper wire under the dash and carpet, over to the passenger seat area

Watch the video for this part starting at 2:12

Step 15: solder the jumper wire onto the blue with white stripe wire

This will light up the light on the ARB switch any time the key is in the ignition. Remember to put heat shrink on the wire BEFORE you solder. Then slide it in place and heat it up to shrink it.

Step 16: run the red with yellow stripe wire into the main power harness

Watch the video at 1:36 to see where this goes

Step 17: plug it in

Plug the male end of the large wire bundle into the female end on the compressor

Step 18: test it

The compressor should now have power. Feel free to give it a little flick of the switch and make sure it turns off. If it doesn't, check all your wiring. Disregard the blue wire with white stripe; that one just lights up the LED on the switch so that's not your issue.

Step 19: clean up

Use the black tubing to clean things up, tuck wires under carpet, stuff unused wires under the seat and tape them down, etc.

Step 20: re-install seat

Lower the seat back down into position, re-install 4 factory bolts using 18mm socket. Get them tight. If over-cautious, feel free to throw some Lok-tite on there.

All right, it's now all wired up. Next week, we'll go over how to make a small plate on which to mount the switch.

Here is how it sits as of now:

Video of it in action

Scott's Review Down the Road

So far I really like how it's wired up. Next week we'll mount the switch right next to it and I like having that in the same place as the compressor.

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