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How To - ARB Compressor Switch Mount

Part III in the series on installing an ARB Compressor under the passenger seat

Previously, we created our own under seat mount for an ARB Dual Compressor and wired it up. This week, we're going create a mounting bracket for the switch to finish it all off.

Materials & Supplies

  • Sheetmetal (leftover piece from the under seat mount works great)
  • Drill and bits
  • Dremel tool and cutoff wheel
  • Black spray paint, I used the usual Rustoleum bed liner
  • Some 5/8" long bolts, washers, and nuts. Any size that fits thru the existing holes in the seat bracket will work fine (see pic in step 1 for the holes)


Step 1: cut it

Cut off a piece of sheet metal, about 3"x4". It should be wide enough to span the existing holes in the seat bracket. Also mark where each hole is.

Step 2: cut out hole for switch

The switch is a press fit into here, so better too small than too big. Use the switch to mark it off, cut that out, then widen it until the switch will fit in. Do NOT actually push the switch in yet! Here is my finished hole Here you can see that the switch looks like it'll fit in perfectly

Step 3: draw the outline of the mount

I gave mine a nice sweeping shape to avoid any sharp edges

Step 4: cut it out

Use the dremel (or a bandsaw if you have one) to cut along your outline)

Step 5: drill it

Mark holes in it where the existing holes in the seat bracket already are (see pic in step 1). You should have marked them in Step 1. Here it is with holes drilled. These are clearance holes for the bolts to fit through.

Step 6: spray paint it

Any color you like will work. I went with black as I didn't want to draw attention to it.

Step 7: mount it

Use the small hardware to mount the plate to the seat. Then run the wires thru the hole in it to the appropriate contacts on the supplied ARB switch. Test everything works (lights up when it should, compressor turns on, etc). Then push the switch into the mount and tuck any loose wires up under the seat.

Final Product:

I keep the air hose in the cubby in the trunk

Scott's Review Down the Road

Lots of guys put the ARB switch near them in the drivers seat. Since my compressor is mounted under the passenger seat and I'm running Rubicon elockers, I don't need to be able to turn it on from the driver's seat. Since I have to walk over there to hook up the air hose anyway, may as well put the switch right there so I can turn it on/off and disconnect all in one location. I really like this set up. So far no complaints.

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