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How To - Warn Hook Tree Swing

Fun for the kids

Last week, I showed you how to replace your Warn hook with a Factor 55 Splicer. This week we'll be taking that leftover Warn hook and doing something fun and not Jeep related: creating a cool tree swing.

Materials & Supplies

  • 20+ feet of rope, just depends on how high up the branch is
  • Kids swing or an old tire (37" tire swing would be awesome). I found my swing for $5 at a garage sale
  • Warn hook
  • Electrical tape
  • Knife


Step 1: loop rope thru attachment points on swing

Take one end of the rope and feed it through the loops on the swing as shown

Step 2: wrap it around

Wrap it back around itself 5-7 times

Step 3: feed it

Feed back it back thru the bottom. For those familiar with a Fishermans knot, this is nothing new

Step 4: pull it

Pull the end of the rope tight to cinch it all down. That will bear the load and acts as a nice handle for those on the swing

Step 5: measure it

We'll be going to a common point (the Warn hook) so we need to come up quite a ways or the rope will hit the head of the rider. I came up about 3'

Step 6: do the other side

Feed the rope back down, thru the other side, and repeat the Fishermans knot

Step 7: trim it

Cut off excess so both ends look like this

Step 8: tie rope to tree

Using the excess rope you have, wrap it around the tree and tie it off. Pretty sure I just used two half-hitches here

Step 9: attach the hook

Run the rope down your chosen length to the Warn hook

Step 10: tie it off

Again, just used two half-hitch knots here

Step 11: attach swing to hook

If you haven't already, attach the swing to the hook via the rope

Step 12: tape it

You don't want the swing getting off kilter and dumping out a rider, so wrap some electrical tape around the top to keep the two sides even

Final Product:

Scott's Review Down the Road

Before I had it like this, it was a more traditional, two-rope swing. That worked better for keeping the rider going in one direction. This single attachment point is more fun in some ways because the rider can spin around or go in any direction. Also makes it a little more dangerous for little ones though because they could swing back and hit the tree. Ride at your own risk. Fun use for a Warn hook though.

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