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How To - Install JW Speaker Headlights

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Stock halogen headlights on a JK are known to be terrible. My wife and I sometimes turn them off while driving just to be reminded that they make almost no difference. They're bad. Really bad. So, when a set of the JW Speaker J2 headlights in Carbon Fiber went on a killer sale, we snatched up a pair.

Now, installing them is really easy. That's part of their beauty. But, here is a foolproof walkthru on how to give your Jeep some eyes so it can see.

Materials & Supplies

  • JW Speaker J2 headlights
  • T10 torx screwdriver
  • Wire brush (optional for cleaning headlight ring)
  • Flathead screwdriver or pocket knife


Step 1: open the box

They should come in a box like this Inside you'll find two shiny new headlights, with a nice protective blue plastic over them

Step 2: start loosening the grill

Use your flathead screwdriver or pocket knife to remove the 6 push pins holding the grill on Once you get the middle part popped up, you can pop out the bottom part

Step 3: completely loosen the grill

Pull back on the top Now look down below and you'll see some more fasteners. Just gently pull on the bottom of the grill to pop those out

Step 4: Remove turn signal bulbs

With the grill still on, look down and find the turn signal on each side. Pull the red tab out to unlock Should look like this Now rotate the bulb around And pull it out Grill is free to be removed entirely

Step 5: loosen the headlight ring

Use a T10 torx bit to loosen the 4 screws on the headlight Pull headlight out of its socket

Step 6: remove the headlight

Headlight harness is locked in place with a similar mechanism as the turn signals. Slide the red part out So it looks like this Twist the bulb Pull the bulb out of the headlight and set the headlight aside

Step 7: remove the bulb

Push down on the green tab and pull the bulb out of the harness

Step 8: clean up the headlight ring

Use a wire brush to clean up your headlight rings. You can see the left side of this has been cleaned, the right side is still dirty

Step 9: plug in the JW Speaker headlight

Make sure it clicks all the way in And be sure to press the red lock mechanism back in

Step 10: set the headlight into the housing

There are three tabs to line up in the housing; you can see one here. If you have trouble lining them up, try the other side. For me, one headlight wouldn't fit the passenger side but fit the drivers side and the other one fit the passenger side just fine. Here it is fully seated:

Step 11: replace the headlight ring

Step 12: replace the screws on the headlight ring

Use the old trick to turn the screw left till you find the old groove, then start tightening Here it is with all 4 screws tightened down:

Step 13: repeat previous steps with the other side

Step 14: test run

Before re-installing everything, turn on your headlights and make sure everything lights up

Step 15: put the grill back on and turn signals back in

Be sure to lock them back in

Step 16: replace the push pins

That's it! You can now see where you're going at night!

Final Product:

Scott's Review Down the Road

Since this is just a product I installed with no modifications on my part, I'll be writing a full review over in that section of the website soon. Spoiler alert: the pictures comparing stock headlights to these are pretty persuasive

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