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Product Review - Survival Frog Pocket Jumper

New item I'll never leave home without

My neighbor works for a company called Survival Frog. When he found out I do quite a bit outdoors, he gave me some gear to test. As it would turn out, his timing was impeccable, particularly when it comes to the Pocket Jumper.

While we were talking, he asked me about different scenarios. I explained my plan and how I had backups in place in case the primary failed. He then asked what I do if the Jeep dies. I had nothing to say. I pretty much count on the Jeep starting up every time without fail. If someone were to leave a light on inside the cabin and I came out of my tent the next day to find a dead Jeep, I realized I may be in for a long walk back to civilization. That gave me pause.

He told me had something the size of a smart phone that could jumpstart my Jeep up to 20 times. I was really skeptical. I used to have one of those roadside assistance kits with a battery jumper. That thing was the size of a small briefcase. A week later at the neighborhood block party, he handed me one and said, "Just try it."

The Pocket Jumper by Survival Frog - Link to purchase

At first I wasn't sure how to test this thing. I didn't want to purposefully run the battery down. As luck would have it though, a few weeks later, my battery crapped out. It was the OEM on my 2014, so it was due. I took it to AutoZone who confirmed...I needed a new battery. What a stroke of luck! A bad battery is just what I needed! Over the course of about a week while waiting for the new battery to arrive, we ended up relying on the Pocket Jumper about 7 times. That was just off the initial charge. It fired up the Jeep perfectly every time and still shows 75-100% charge on the display. I couldn't be happier.

The packaging

Opening it up

Everything that comes with it: the battery, battery cables, a host of adapters, a wall charger, and a cigarette lighter charger

The various ports on the side of the device A nice little adapter to plug in almost any of your electronic devices. Note that it won't work for the port on a Google Pixel though.

Still showing strong battery life today after being used about 7 times

Here it is all hooked up and ready to jumpstart me. It really couldn't be easier. For once I wasn't paranoid I was going to fry myself.

So I could carry these big bulky cords and still not have a way to jumpstart myself...or I could just carry the Pocket Jumper

One thing I didn't like about it: the carrying case. It's made of felt, has these delicate little drawstrings...felt more like something to put jewelery in than something I want to throw in my go bag or keep in the storage compartment of the Jeep as I cross a river. I think I need to work out another plan for this.

Video of it in action

The Pros

  • Small
  • Lightweight
  • Dependable
  • Affordable ($80 right now but I've seen them on sale in the past two weeks for around the $50 range)
  • Multi-use for Jeep, cell phone, GPS, etc

The Cons

  • The bag it comes in. I'll need to find a waterproof container to put it in or store it in the glove box which already has a bunch of stuff in it.

Kate's Review

This was a really great, user-friendly tool when our car battery was on the fritz. It's small, compact, you don't have to carry bulky cables, nor ask a stranger for a jump. I'm a nonmechanical, technical person and I could easily use it.

The Takeaway

I'd encourage everyone doing backcountry stuff to have one of these or something like it. Even if you're travelling with other Jeeps, this is loads easier to use than trying to get a second vehicle into position to jump start. Well worth the small price tag to avoid being stuck in the backcountry.

Overall Rating:

Update 9/18/17: my neighbor was trying to jumpstart her car yesterday and I went over, Pocket Jumper in hand, when I saw them about to hook up the bulky cables betweent their two cars. They couldn't believe this thing worked and called me "their new best friend". Love the look on her face at the end.

Pics of it out In The Wild

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