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Product Review - JW Speaker J2 headlights

New item I'll never leave home without

I recently purchased a set of JW Speaker J2 headlights for the Jeep. The full installation how-to can be found here. This article will show you just how much of an improvement they are over the stock halogen lights.

JW Speaker J2 headlights - Link to JW Speaker

The packaging

Opening it up

They put a nice protective plastic sheet overtop to protect them. The finish on these was in perfect shape.

Here you can see the stock headlight vs the JW speaker. Much lower profile.

Top view comparison

Carbon fiber is looking good. Love the quality of materials here as well.

Now comes the fun stuff. To show what an improvement they are, I installed just one on the passenger side of the Jeep. Here is a shot from straight on and about 60 feet back.

Next I used a piece of cardboard to cover up the JW Speaker headlight. Here is the stock light shining: And here is the JW Speaker headlight shining: While the stock headlight pretty much has one hotspot in the middle of the road 50 yards out, the JW Speaker does a great job of lighting up the whole street. My neighbors lawns are more visible and there's more light right in front of the Jeep (i.e. where the rocks are on night runs). The light output is much cleaner to the eye as well, not so yellow and more of a crisp white.

This is video of me doing that same experiment:

The Pros

  • Fantastic light output
  • High quality materials
  • Look great
  • Easy to install. No extra anti-flicker harness needed

The Cons

  • Wish they made a heated version

The Takeaway

I purchased these for less than my insurance deductible. If they save me from hitting a deer or something else even once, they've more than paid for themselves. Very glad I finally pulled the trigger on these lights.

Overall Rating:

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