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Nearly stuck on Yankee Hill

All fun and games til you're stuck by yourself at 10,000' all night

Well tonight was interesting. Went for a run after work up Yankee Hill. At first it was beautiful, then it was rocky and fun, then it was snowy and questionable, then I got stuck.

Road to Central City

Arriving in town

Starting the way up

Almost to the top. Some great view from up there

Fun little playground

Starting to get rocky

Oooh...a shooting range!

Top of Yankee Hill

More rocks...this is a good time

This section was a little interesting, especially with the ice you see in the foreground. I ended up putting it in 4Low and locking axles to make it thru

Then it got snowy and way less fun. The ruts were about a feet deep in certain stretches with trees lining both sides ready to dent a quarter panel

About a quarter mile later, the entire trail was snow. I punched it and...stopped. I was able to back up and assess. At this point, I'm 9 miles into a 10 mile trail. So close to finishing. I have a winch and could pull myself thru. But...the sun set 20 min before and it's almost dark. I'm at 10,000' and it's going to get cold. There's a town at the end of the trail I could walk to if necessary.

What to do?

I turned it around. Yep, had to retrace my steps but knew I'd make it home.

Night wheeling the way down

Home sweet home

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