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Ol Man Bryan's 30th Birthday Offroad Extravaganza - Day 2

The adventure continues to Halfmoon Creek

Day two began by waking up to the fog rolling off the lake as the sun rose across the Rocky Mountains. It was other-worldly as it slowly receeded, revealing the glass surface below. We longed to linger but had miles ahead and mountains to cross. Today would take us down the mountain, into Leadville, to Halfmoon Creek and back up the mountain.

Fog rolling off the lake as the day began to heat up

Doing a little fishing. Let this guy live to fight another day

After packing up, our descent began. We had a lot of miles to cover

Rain the day before made it a little slippery but the KO2s handled themselves well

Hitting up High Mountain Pies for some awesome pizza in Leadville before continuing on

After lunch we headed over to the trailhead for Halfmoon Creek. It starts with a fun water crossing, followed by a good climb up the mountain. There's then another water crossing above a waterfall, and then this beast of an obstacle. I attempted it on my 33s but it ultimately proved too much. We backed it off and took the bypass which still proved to be a challenge. This pic is as far as I made it on the obstacle

View from the bottom before reversing back down

After climbing up some more rough trail, we emerged in the bowl. One of the prettiest places I've been. Ridges are over 13,000'

The Jeep is sitting around 13,000' in this pic. That's the end of the trail. We climbed up a bit higher by foot to see the view

Sun setting over the ridge between Casco and French peaks

We descended back down into the bowl to find some trees for the hammocks. Found this gem of a place. Creek 100 yards away, clear view of the surrounding hillsides

Chilling in the hammock at camp. Full how-to write up for attaching hammock to the Jeep coming up tomorrow

Now this is a base camp. We thought the best views of the day were wrapping up, but the best was yet to come

When you end every night with a campfire, life is good

Used my buddies DSLR to do an extended exposure of the stars. Nearest artificial light is miles away and we're shielded from it down in the bowl. I bougtht a Jeep so I could get to places like this

An hour or so after dark, the moon came up. Witnessing a moonrise at 12,000' in a bowl in the Rocky Mountains is something everyone should experience at least once

We crawled into our hammocks that night tired and thankful. Tired from navigating the many miles that day, at times worrying if we were getting ourselves into a pinch we couldn't get out of, bouncing over rocks all day. Thankful to witness the beauty around us, that the Jeep had performed like a champ, that the weather couldn't be more perfect.

Day 2 video

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