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Kate's First Offroad Experience

And it won't be the last

I've been wanting to get Kate out on the trail for some real offroading. More than just dirt roads, I wanted her to experience obstacles, river crossings, and camping above tree line. We found some time to get away for kids for 36 hours and I took her on a few trails I had done previously that were sure to deliver. Here are some pics of the adventure.

Getting all the gear accounted for and ready to go

Stopping in Buena Vista on the way to the trailhead

I. Love. Colorado.

Start of the trail. Our original route was closed for construction so we detoured to try out Tincup Pass.

Tincup ended up being an unexpected surprise with some fantastic views

Turns out a local club had just cleared the top a few days prior. We got lucky!

Continental Divide: 12,154 feet elevation

Entering the historic town of Tincup

Back on the trail!

My favorite section of the trail: running the creek. Kate loved this part.

Having a little fun on an optional obstacle

Creek crossing!

Near the lake, almost to our camping spot

Made it to the lake!

Looking back down the valley we crossed that day

Once we got camp set up, we took a little drive around the lake to watch the sunset and explore. Sunset reflected in a nearby kettle lake

Poser shot

Our camping spot that night

Cooking sausage the next morning on the DIY grill

On the ridge line. I think we're around 13,000' at this point.

Maroon Bells way in the background here

Taking the road into Aspen

iPad mini with Dual GPS and Gaia was flawless as usual. I'll be posting a how-to in the coming weeks on this setup

Made it to the top of Aspen Mountain and, naturally, found some Jeeps to park by

On the road down Aspen Mountain, under the ski lifts


Dust anyone

It was a fantastic trip. No breaks, incredible views, fun obstacles. Kate had a great time. Looking forward to doing more together.

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